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Fellowship combines the power of email with the interactivity of a social platform. Reconcile yourself with sending emails, gain visibility and finally stay in touch with everyone who likes your contents.

It's free, Made in France and take less than 2 minutes

Fellowship makes the newsletter finally accessible.

The strength of emails and the interactivity of a social page.

Centralize everyone who believes in you

Use your URL to spread your newsletter wherever you are.Fellowship acts in synergy with your other networks: it centralizes your subscribers and makes you the true owner.

Reconcile yourself with sending emails

Write updates or long contents with ease and choose how to send them: directly by email, only on your page or both. In all cases, your subscribers will be able to react and participate.

Reenforce your online presence

Get a space of your own on the web, with endless possibilities of interactions & content, that email alone does not allow. Guaranteed without any algorithm. It’s like a direct link with your community and the starting point for your best content.

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Why ?

To get you closer to those who believe in you

Fellowship helps you stay in touch with your community. Give your fans a place without algorithm where they can follow your work and show their supports.

To what end ?

To gather a community that will last a century

Fellowship is based on two fundamental : freedom & anti-fragility.Here, your subscribers are not an illusion: they are exportable and accessible at any time.You can also classify or import them to avoid the trouble of starting from scratch.

How ?

By making the newsletter finally accessible.

Fellowship was designed with one idea in mind:to create the best tool in the world to stay in touch with your audience.This required a modern, intimate, and above all, easy-to-use newsletter system. That’s what we did.

Only one goal: to stay unique.

No psychological tricks to make you addicted, no hidden algorithms that make you invisible and no pression if you want to go elsewhere with your subscribers.

Your subscribers are called “Registered” because they have more values than just a follower of any social network.

Your community is 100% yours. We never send targeted emails to your subscribers and you can export them at any time to leave us. :'(

If you have a problem, you will talk to humans like you. Your feedback will help us create the best tool ever offered to creators.

Fellowship® is a registered french trademark. is a world registered web domain.

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